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  • Ages:  ​Children 4-7 (older/younger children may be accepted on a case by case basis) who have learned to skate and want to learn the fundamentals of hockey.
  • ​General Info:  Kids are placed on one of 6 teams (e.g., Flyers, Red Wings) and receive their own hockey jersey and socks.  Later in the season (Feb/Mar), we run a beanpot or round robin style tournament amongst the 6 teams, which is a blast for the kids (and parents!).  At the end of the season, each player recieves a trophy and we hold a pizza party at the rink celebrating all the fun and progress.  
  • Season:  September through March
  • Schedule & Location: 2 Ice Times per week (Saturday and Sunday)
Ice Format Day Time Rink Address
Skills Development Saturdays TBD Hingham(A) 75 Recreation Park Dr. Hingham, MA 02043
Cross-ice Game Sundays TBD Hingham(B) 75 Recreation Park Dr. Hingham, MA 02043


  • Registering:
  • Volunteering/Coaching:  If you have any hockey/figure skating background and would like to help coach on the ice, please contact us.
  • Equipment/Preparation:  Please make sure your child is comfortable while on the ice.  For example:
    • Adjust their helmet for a better fit and tape child's name on their helmet.
    • Have adequate clothing under their pads to keep warm, especially as it gets colder outside.
    • Make sure skates feel okay, tight enough to give adequate ankle support, but not so tight they hurt.
    • Adjust hair so that it isn’t bothersome or in their face (i.e., pull hair back).  

John Barron, LTPH Level Director


(617) 834-9651