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Mite In-House Program Info for the 2016/2017 season 



     - St. Louis Blues & Detroit Red Wings - Wednesday, 5:20pm @ The Bog

     - Chicago Blackhawks & San Jose Sharks Thursday, 5:30pm @ The Bog

     - Tampa Bay Lightning & Pittsburgh Penguins - Thursday, 6:30pm @ The Bog


     - Saturday, 1:15pm, 2:15pm or 3:15pm @ Hingham. 


     - Sunday, 10:20am @ Rockland.



St Louis Blues - Chris Logan (cdlogan@comcast.net)

Detroit Red Wings - Todd MacDermott (tmacdermott@earthlink.net)

Chicago Blackhawks - Dennis Collum (dmcollum@gmail.com)

San Jose Sharks - Dave Capelle (davecapelle@gmail.com)

Tampa Bay Lightning - John Barron (johnbarronnd@yahoo.com)

Pittsburgh Penguins - Joe Campanale (seahawksltph@gmail.com)


If you need anything else or have questions please let me know.


Joe Campanale

Mite In House Level Director