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Squirt B2 Girls in Weymouth with Ryan Spooner!

Squirt B2 Girls in Weymouth with Ryan Spooner!.

L to R:  Maggie Dockray, Mia Lovering, Lexi Hendrickson, Elizabeth Carnes

by posted 12/18/2014
Ryan Spooner from the P-Bruins/ Bruins at Squirt Practice

Ryan Spooner from the P-Bruins/ Bruins came to the Squirt c (Mullen), b2 (Smith) and b2 (Hendrickson) practice this past Wed. At Connell rink.  Spooner was immediately put to work giving advice on tying skates, and assembling bumpers pre-practice.  During practice Spooner did a fantastic job of demo-ing drills, doing drills with the kids and giving tips and advice.  A few minutes at the end of practice was held a q/a. Then the real fun happend.  Ryan held a sniping (shooting) clinic. Ripping shots upper left, upper right, anywhere we asked.  Talk about shooting confidence, our Squirt  goalies were in net!  Not one puck hit them! Thank God.  Many autographs were signed after practice to the delight of the kids. After 23 games with the big club last year and 5 so far this year, let's hope he gets a permanent spot so the kids can watch him.

by posted 12/18/2014
LTS Registration is Open

Registration for the winter session of Learn to Skate is open.  The program starts on January 4th and is held on Sundays at Rockland Rink at 10:20 AM on Sundays. The program is suited for novice children 3-years and older.  For more information and to register visit the Learn to Skate Program page or Register Online. 

by posted 12/15/2014
Equipment Exchange

"Visit our equipment exchange link at the top of this page for deals on used hockey gear!"

Bob Monahan -- Seahawks Equipment Manager.

by posted 12/10/2014
PeeWee A's Win Jay Peak Tourney!

The PeeWee A's beat Lake Placid, NY 3-1 to win the Jay Peak Tourney. Jack Thompson was selected as the championship game's MVP and other players selected as MVP in round-robin games were Evan McBrien (vs. Lake Placid Bombers), Luke Norton (vs. Maine Gladiators) and Matt Kilroy (vs. Kanata Avalanche - Canada). The SeaHawks also had outstanding performances by Casey Messina, Nick Spinella, Christian Donahue, Brian Bulger, Tim Curtin, Jack Bedford, Connor Burtch, Mike Ryan, Gerard Burke and last but not least, Ryan Rosenau was terrific in goal.

by posted 12/08/2014
3rd, 4th, and 5th kids are 50% off!
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