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Seahawks Newsletter Issue 7

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Seahawks Newsletter Issue 7




by posted 10/05/2015
5000 Pucks Starts October 1st!

Seahawks Nation,


The Seahawks are pleased to announce the start of the 5000 Pucks Challenge for the 2015/2016 season.  This year the program will take place in October, November, and December.


This program is designed to have players shoot pucks at home, on their own time, to improve strength, accuracy, and enhance a sense of self motivation and drive.


The program is simple.  Players take as many shots as they can in their driveway, garage, basement or anywhere safe and convenient and record the number of shots taken in the monthly tally calendar attached to this email.  Players should use a puck, not a tennis ball, street hockey ball or any other type of ball.  Each shot should be a true, hard shot.  The goal is to improve the players shot, not just to record the highest number.


At the end of each month, total the number of shots for the month with your child and please have the child and parent sign the monthly tally calendar.  Send the monthly total along with the player’s full name and team (no need to send tally calendar document) to


We will send out a monthly leader board and post the leaders on the Seahawks website, and on our Facebook page.  There will be a prize for the player with the most shots and every player who reaches 5000 shots will receive a t-shirt.


We know kids have a lot going on and we don’t want to get in the way of school work or other fun. Taking 5,000 shots over three months means about 55 shots a day. . . which will take about 15 minutes. Also, please note that during the average on ice week, players only shoot the puck 45 times - Game warm ups = 5·, Practice = 20, Skills = 20.  The average dramatically grows to 430 when a player takes part in the 5,000 Pucks Challenge.


Read what past champions had to say about 5000 pucks:


“Seahawks 5,000 pucks meant a lot to me because it not only gave me a good shot, but it also taught me about discipline and working hard. I learned that if you work hard at something you want to accomplish you can reach that goal. And through reaching that goal I gained confidence.”---Finn Carragher, 2014 Champion.

“I like that it got my shot better.  I felt like I was behind others in my first year playing and it made me feel more confident about my shot.”  ---Stella Spaulding, 2013 Champion.


Let’s shoot some pucks!


The Seahawks Board of Directors

Proudly serving Scituate, Norwell, Hull and surrounding towns

“This is Town Hockey


by posted 09/28/2015

Seahawks Nation --


You can still order Seahawks rinksuits even if you missed our Jamboree!


Just click on link below which will take you to our online store thru Pure Hockey.


We have lightweight pants and jackets in two different types and weights.

Name and numbers can be added.

If you need sizing you can get fitted at the Pure Hockey Kingston store.


Please get your orders in by October 9th deadline.

Everything will be shipped by November 1st.












Online ordering for SEAHAWKS ICE HOCKEY Hockey 2015 ends on October 9th, 2015 (11:59pm)


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by posted 09/28/2015
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