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Seahawks Dry Land Training


“For starters, many athletes spend too much time traveling, competing and recovering from competition and not enough time preparing for it…too many athletes are specializing too early on. An early focus on just one or two sports often leads to injuries, burnout and capping athletic potential.  This way of thinking has led to 60% of players dropping out before PeeWees and 20% dropping out after only one season leading to an overall decline in retention since 2000.” – WWW.ADMKIDS.COM

The answer to this problem from USA Hockey is the American Development Model (ADM).  It turns out the principles of ADM overlap exactly with how we train youth athletes.


Our program builds total athleticism by constantly varying functional movements at a high intensity.  We teach kids to properly run, jump, squat, push, pull, and cut.  We then combine these movements together into a series of workouts that vary in duration, movement, and intensity.  Finally, we weave in games, competitions, and obstacle courses to enhance the fun!  The end result is youth athletes with better movement, increased strength, enhanced stamina, and more confidence.  Ultimately this yields a higher level athlete with a reduced chance of injury.


Our specialty trained youth coaches have trained over 300 youth athletes from preschool to high school.  Whether it was Hingham Youth Football, Hingham Youth Wrestling, NDA Lacrosse, Scituate High Football, or Hingham High Crew, we have seen amazing results.  The best part?  Our approach falls directly in line with ADM.



Fundamental Movements - All sports begin with basic fundamental movement and core sports skills.

Functional Movements – Build proper movement in squatting, running, jumping, pushing, pulling, etc.

General Athleticism - The ABC’s of athleticism include agility, balance, coordination and speed, while fundamental movement skills include running, jumping, skating and throwing. 

GPP Focus on 10 General Physical Skills of Fitness – Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

Don’t Specialize. Specialization at an early age limits children from acquiring a broad spectrum of athletic movements and skills that may limit or put a cap on their overall athletic potential. 

Constantly Varied – Our specialty is not specializing.  A different workout every day that varies movement, duration, and total intensity.

Learn to Train and Train to Train – Develop basic strength and stamina in youth athletes.

High Intensity Scaled to Athletic Ability – Every workout is completed at a high intensity but scaled to individual abilities and limitations.


Fun – Games & competitions with positive atmosphere.




Session I: May 18 – June 26

3 Classes/Week for 6 Weeks

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Squirts and PeeWees 4PM – 5PM

Bantams 5PM – 6PM


Limit 20 per Time Slot


Session II: July 13 – August 21st

3 Classes/Week for 6 Weeks

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Squirts and PeeWees TBD (limit 20)

Bantams TBD (limit 20)


Limit 20 per Time Slot


For additional information or to register, click


Each class will be led by coaches who have passed CORI checks and are specifically trained to coach kids.  We will measure movement and athleticism before and after each session.  We will be extremely focused on proper mechanics.  Intensity and load (if any) will be increased on a case by case basis based on movement ability and physical/mental maturation.  If any questions, please contact us via our contact info above.

posted 04/28/2015
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